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or more information on VERSAJET or to speak with a sales representative.
or more information on VERSAJET or to speak with a sales representative.

Hydrosurgery System

Streamline your debriding experience with greater precision and speed.*

Versajet III Console
Versajet Wand

*When compared to standard of care.


your surgical debridement



for more information on VERSAJET or to speak with a sales representative.

The VERSAJET   System is shown to streamline your debridement procedures with clinical evidence.

Use of the VERSAJET System helped to reduce the odds of unplanned readmission due to Surgical Site Infections by 69%.



(OR: 0.31; 95% confidence intervals, 0.142–0.677)


The use of the VERSAJET System provides a smoother more regular wound bed which can lead to improved skin graft procedures.



*Compared to conventional debridement

90.8% reduction in bacterial count following treatment with the VERSAJET system. Bacterial counts decreased in wounds debrided by the VERSAJET System and pulse lavage.


*Compared to conventional debridement


Remove unwanted tissue and contaminants whilst preserving healthy tissue.



How It Works

Experience the cutting edge 
of advanced hydrosurgery.

4, 7-8

Versajet II
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Versajet Wand
Verajet Scalpel

The VERSAJET III hand piece is re-engineered to deliver more consistent debridement at higher power levels when compared to earlier models.

Verajet Scalpel - Selects...
Versajet Scalpel - Excises...
Versajet Scalpel - Evacuates...

All-in-one     scalpel suction 

The VERSAJET System provides controlled debridement and facilitates precise excision of necrosis and other unwanted material from the wound surface, preserving viable tissue.

1, 4-5

Selects: Target necrotic tissue and debris using the localized vacuum

4, 7-9

Excises: Ablate nonviable tissue with maximum precision

4, 7-9

Evacuates: Remove debris and slough while preserving viable tissue

4, 7-9

Clinical Evidence


Impact of VERSAJET   II  Hydrosurgery System use on unplanned hospital readmissions for surgical site infections (SSIs) in a retrospective analysis of patients with lower extremity wounds.

James CV, Patel M, Ilonzo N, et al. Hydrosurgical debridement use associated with decreased surgical site-related readmissions: a retrospective analysis. Wounds. 2021 Mar 28. [Epub ahead of print].

Compared with sharp debridement with or without pulse irrigation, use of the VERSAJET II System: